Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Skype Meeting Broadcast - You don't have permission to create meetings

Started seeing this message when creating new Broadcast meetings just out of the the blue. 

I'm not sure since when it's broken, but it did work as expected about a month ago, when I configured our hybrid setup as per this technote.

Same issue for other users in my tenant too.. so had to be something at the configuration level. There are policies that can be assigned to users, but the default global policy already makes it available for all. Hmmmm..

Long story short, I disabled and re-enabled "Set-CsBroadcastMeetingConfiguration –EnableBroadcastMeeting", and after a few hours it was working again... 

More to add to this story... turns out that sometime in Q1 this year, it was changed so that your account needs to also have a "Skype for Business" license applied to the Organizer of the Broadcast meeting. With mostly on-prem users, this was something new for us.

Bottom-line: On-prem SfB users need to have a SfB license assigned in your tenant, else they will not be able to schedule meetings. MS Technote.