Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Applying updates to SfB Servers (Oct 2015 CU - 6.0.9319.88)

Have not done too many updates on the new Skype for Business pools, so made some notes based of my experiences with the Lync 2013 servers. There are new PS commands in SfB that really make it so much easier to go thru the whole process more efficiently and are more reliable (especially in a multi-member pool). No more guessing if the Fabric is "really" ready to take down the next member.

I upgraded a couple of SfB pools from RTM to version 6.0.9319.88 recently, and it was mostly painless on 2-member as well as 3-member pools. I say mostly, as my servers have "Windows Firewall" disabled by GPO so the pool would not start up because of that, giving me yet another grey hair :-). 

Step 1: Download and verify the update package. Right-click on the executable file and look at the properties. Ensure that the version information in the Details tab, matches up with the one you intend to apply to your servers.

Also look at the documentation to see if there are any prerequisites for the update.