Friday, April 24, 2015

Issue: The content file store is full or unavailable - event ID 32050 & 32026 on FEs

Recently we noticed a rash of Event ID 32050 & 32026 on the FE servers. Started all of a sudded in the middle of the work day (so not related to reboots or patches). The MS engineer who I worked with was aware of the issue, and said its a know bug, that should get resolved in the next server update.

Will notice a lot of these events on all except 1 of your FE servers
32026 - Conference rollover failed. 
Conference: ';gruu;opaque=app:conf:focus:id:xxxxxx' MCU Type: 'data-conf' Existing Mcu: ''

Cause: Conference rollover occurs when an MCU becomes unavailable or is restarted. A rollover failure indicates that no MCU is available for the requested MCU type.
Resolution: This operation will be automatically retried. This error can be ignored if MCU outage is planned. Otherwise ensure that at least one MCU for the specified type is available and that there are no connectivity issues between this server and the MCU.

32050 - A Create Conference request sent to an Mcu was rejected. It will be retried but if this error continues to occur conferencing functionality will be affected.

Mcu: Conference:;gruu;opaque=app:conf:focus:id:xxxxxx Error: otherFailure
Cause: Overloaded or incorrectly functioning MCU.
Resolution: Ensure that the Mcu is functioning correctly.

These seem to be related to another event ID 41027

41027 - The content file store is full or unavailable, and no more data can be written to it.
Content file store location: \\\ConfLyncShare\1-WebServices-7\CollabJournal Reason: The specified network name is no longer available. Cause: The file store either has run out of space or is unavailable. Resolution: Verify write access to the file store or make more space available on it. Note that this event is logged only once. When the problem is fixed a success event ID=41028 will be logged.

Cause : The front ends are attempting to access a file lock under the existing handle and not creating a new file handle to access the share.

Run "Get-CsWindowsService" on all FEs
Check which FEs have 0 active conferences on the RTCDATAMCU service
Those MCUs are not responding, so restart the service on those FEs with

     stop-csWindowsService RTCDATAMCU
     start-csWindowsService RTCDATAMCU

Note: Sometimes the Backup Service can also lock a file in the file-share in a similar fashion, and restarting that service on the Primary or Backup pool can also resolve the lock issue. In those cases, you will notice a "stale" file in the CollabJournal folder.

MS is aware of this issue and the next release (CU5 HF9) should address it. (Update: Seems to be address in May'15 Lync server patch -